Free assets to use with Unity

1) Use version control

I have been using Git and GitHub for a while for my version control but there are issues when going between computers. The assets in the a project are not saved in Git version control, they can be but there is some much set up that it can be frustrating for new comers.

Plastic SCM in the Unity editor
Desktop app

2) Use Text mesh pro for your text

For some reason Text mesh pro is not the default text in Unity. You have to download and import it yourself. I recommend doing this straight away at the start of a project as it makes you text look sharp.

3) Language translation text

I released a small game on the Google play store call DangryRun. It is an endless runner and when I made it I went out of my way to allow the user to select from a number of languages. I ended up with 7 languages and all the text changes on the click on a button.

4) For 2D development add in the PSD importer

Showing the prefabs created by importing a psb file



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