Downloading assets for your game via GameDevHQ’s filebase plugin

Objective: Chose and install some 3D assets from filebase

Being apart of the GameDevHQ apprenticeship has a lot of benefits and having access to FileBase is one of them.

They provide incredible art assets and models that are free to use in any commercial project and lifetime access to the plugin.

For a 2.5D project I went into the characters and downloaded a few different 3D character models to try. What is great about them is that they’re set up for use with Mixamo animations with little changes needed.

First thing you need to have access to the plugin. Then add the Filebase plugin like a usual Unity package. Once installed you need to log in and then you have access to all the art assets available.

Downloading is very simple and down with the click of a button, once it is downloaded an import screen will appear and this is the same as any Unity asset brought into the project.

And thats how simple it is to download some great art assets from GameDevHQ’s FileBase plugin.