Download and import Mixamo animations for your humanoid character in Unity

Objective: Log into Mixamo and download and import the animations to your Unity project

Mixamo is a great site that allows you to download 3D animations for free. You cannot use them in a commerical project for free but you can sample them and then buy the animations that you fine work for your project.

Can to Mixamo and create a free account, an account is needed to download any of the animations.

I needed an idle animation for a 2.5D project I’m working on, so I searched on Mixamo and choose an animation that I wanted to try. Once you have selected your animation, you will see it running and there is a big download button.

Click the button and from the format list, select FBX for Unity option, with skin and the click download.

Once downloaded drag the animation into your project. Once the animation has been imported you will need to make a small adjustment to the FBX before doing anything else.

You need to click on the FBX and in the inspector select the rig tab, then in the animation type list select Humanoid and click apply.

And that is it for downloading and importing Mixamo animations.

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