Composing a cutscene in Unity

Objective: Show my process for composing a cutscene in Unity using Cinemachine

The above cutscene is the last scene in the game that will show the player that they have won and made it to the vault.

I was working off a previsualisation note given to me by the director showing what shots are needed for the final scene.

I set up two cameras, one shot that starts far away from our player and another that is a close up of the player’s face as he turns his head.

I then setup the fades for the start and the end of cutscene using an animation track for the timeline and I also needed to set up the UI that appears in the end fade.

To create the shot above I then blended the virtual cameras together to create the movement between them. Unity will do this automatically when you drag one camera shot over another.

And that is all that was needed to compose the final shot needed for the game.



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