Animating sprites in Unity

Animating sprites for 2D games in Unity is easy when you know how.

The first thing to do is to open the animation window in your project.

Then, you will need to click on the game object that you want the animation to appear on. This makes it easier as Unity will automatically attach an animator component.

Once you have clicked on the game object in the hierarchy, you will need to have the animation window open. You should see an option for creating a new animation. Click that button and a window will open asking you to choose a folder and a filename for the animation.

Once you have done that you’re now ready to drag in your animations.

I already have an animation that is separated out into different images.

How do I get them into the animation window? Well, you drag them over. I would advise that you drag all of the images and not do it individually. Highlight all of your images that you want and drag them into the animation window.

Once they have been dragged in you should see some small diamonds in the window and these represent the different frames of the animation that will play. You can now press the play button and you will see the animation playing in the scene window.

Thank you for reading and come back for more useful tips in Unity.




Integration support and part-time game developer

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Daniel Kirwan

Daniel Kirwan

Integration support and part-time game developer

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