Adding audio to Timeline in Unity

Daniel Kirwan
2 min readJun 14, 2021

Objective: To line up the cutscene cameras with the cutscene audio track

The last thing to do for my starting cutscene is to add an audio track that lines up with the camera cuts in the scene.

First thing to do is to add an audio track to the timeline that will allow us to add in some background music and a voice over to the cutscene.

The audio track will be empty and it needs to be filled. Create an empty game object and attach an audio source and make sure to deselect play on awake as this will cause the audio track to play twice when the game is running. Drag in the empty game object to the audio track.

Now, to get the audio to play whilst in timeline without having to press the play button, you will need to drag in the audio file into the timeline. This will create a line in the timeline that you can drag along and make it play where you want to. My audio is the length of the scene, so mine goes right at the start.

Now comes the fiddly part of playing your cutscene in the timeline and then adjusting the camera movements to be inline with your voice over.

And that’s it for setting up audio tracks in timeline.