Adding animations to timeline in Unity

Objective: add an animation track to a timeline asset in Unity

In this previous article I set up a small cutscene with the Cinemachine blending two cameras together. Today I will be adding an animation to the timeline asset.

Above you can see the result of the timeline asset with the animation playing.

First you need to click on the gameobject with the previous timeline asset. For me that is my cutscene object.

Then in the timeline window, click the plus symbol and add animation track. Then drag your gameobject with the animation that you wish to play. For me, that is named SleepingGuardsCutsceneActors. You then need to click the three dots next to the animation track and add animation clip.

You might have to adjust the animation length or the length of the virtual cameras depending on the needs of the project.

And that is it for adding an animation to a timeline asset in Unity.

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