Add a custom template to Unity for new projects

Daniel Kirwan
2 min readJan 24, 2022


Objective: Be able to load a custom template and select it for starting a new project in Unity

Unity has some very useful starting project templates but sometimes you want something that has a little extra help. For me, this was getting a standard VR template up and running in a few moments.

If you want to follow along with the article then go to this link and download the tgz file.

Now, comes the tricky part of where to copy and paste the downloaded file.

So, on PC follow along here. On Mac you will need to find where Unity is installed on your drive.

Local disk -> program files -> Unity -> Hub -> Editor -> Choose your version -> Editor -> Data -> Resources -> Package Manager -> Project templates. Then paste the download file here.

If you have Unity Hub open during this process you will need to close it down and make sure to quit the application in the toolbar.

And that is it for adding a new template to Unity. Now, you just need to start a new project with the version you added the template to and you will see it appear as an option.

Once the project was loaded the only thing I needed to add to be able to get moving around the scene in view was to add a plane and a locomotion system. Everything else had already been setup by the template.

Below you can see myself testing out the new project on my Quest 2. All of this was done is about 10 minutes.